Cash Bandits Slots

Cash Bandits Slots

Today, the illustrious Cash Bandits series stands at three. True, both sequels mark technical advancements, but it's still time to pay homage to the original slot game that started it all. So, if you're in the mood for a virtual crime caper, now's your chance to rekindle the glory of Cash Bandits.

Understanding the Bandit

The first Cash Bandits is a colossal five-reel game with twenty-five crafty pay lines. The game action takes place inside the bank where the master bank robber has his sights set on the big score. But you have to move fast because the cop is determined to bring you to justice.

And to help you make this glorious caper, Cash Bandits gives you a robust pay line system where you can control if you want to play on the whole 25 pay lines or something fewer. And when you finish that task, the next step for Cash Bandits is figuring out how much you want to bet playing this high-stakes slot game.

Fortunately, Cash Bandits offers a wide variety of betting options which range from dimes to full dollars. Next, you want to decide if you to play Cash Bandits through auto or manual mode.

Discover the Wild Pay Table Action

Cash Bandits doesn't pull punches when it comes to an exciting and robust gaming environment. The bank vault is the wild symbol, and it doubles winning combinations. But you can still break the bank, pun intended, by getting five of the bank vaults on the pay line. When this happens, you will receive 2,500 credits.

And the bank building stands tall as a rewarding icon by delivering 1,500 credits for five on the pay line. The bank extravaganza continues with the rewarding cop with a snarl. While you don't want him to catch you, you do want him to catch up entirely on the reels because he leads to 1,250 credits.

The main anti-hero, the bank robber, produces staggering winning results of up to 800 credits for five on the pay line. Meanwhile, the car and siren pay 500 credits for five of either one. Next, the money bags and the revolver get into this wacky crime caper act by paying 250 credits on the reels. Finally, the megaphone, the doughnut, and the handcuffs shell out 100 credits for five on the pay line.

Breaking into the Vault

But, of course, the main thrill to Cash Bandits is the elusive bank vaults. You're going to have to earn your money in this bonus extravaganza by correctly breaking multiple bank vault codes. The faster you solve this riddle, the more free spins you play with and a hefty winning multiplier.

And if that's not enough, Cash Bandits offers you a progressive jackpot that hits randomly. So, if you're ready for the ultimate slot game caper, now's your chance to get involved with Cash Bandits - available at several Real-Time Gaming casinos. Cash Bandits' RTP is a generous 96%.