Mermaid Queen Slots

The Mermaid Queen contains a 3 x 5 game matrix. When you board a wooden ship to guide you, 13 different symbols appear on all the mahogany frames.

About the Mermaid Queen

Digital artists at Barcrest have done an excellent job of designing the background. It depicts a shipwreck while providing spectacular views of blue skies and clear waters. We can't praise the good team, though. Instead of creating a unique song that suits such a swashbuckling journey, Barcrest incorporates the same stock sounds found on most slot machine machines.

Betting Options

As Mermaid Quee is a 5-reel, 10-payline slot online, the structure makes it accessible to players at all bankroll levels. Additionally, numerous betting options are available as you can change the coin value from a low of $0.01 to a high of $50. That means you can get away from the low credit limit of only $0.10, perfect if you like online slots with low limits. But, on the other hand, there is a high $ 500 bet for confident captains among you who believe that the Queen of Mermaid will not be able to withstand your attraction.

Symbols and Theme

To find out what gemstones are in the underwater kingdom of Mermaid Queen, you need to click the payment table button. Displays payments associated with all 13 symbols, starting with low-value playing card symbols designed in the style of characters from shipwrecks. You will gather up to 10x your stake every time you find 9, 10, J, or Q sets of playing card symbols at sea. Symbols sets K or A is essential, up to 12.5x your triggering stake, accuracy.

Payouts and Paytable

You will take prizes worth up to 25x your stack every time you receive a hand-held brass telescope or see pearls shining inside an open oyster. Beware of overcrowded livestock as you explore the depths of the sea - this will cost up to 40x your stake. You'll want to see some ships pass or a dolphin pod making a big splash for even bigger prizes. These observations will see you accumulate up to 75x of your stake.

RTP and Volatility

The Mermaid Queen may include one of the most beautiful fairy tales we have ever encountered, but it is not one of the most impressive online spaces we have ever played. Instead of 3D images with animated mermaids bringing life to the reel, flat 2D graphics are available here. And when it comes to motion pictures, the ones that play whenever you find winning combinations are just as bad. Other disadvantages include an average payout rate of 95.09% and stock targets used.