Sevens and Stripes Slots

The pride, poise, and American spirit come alive with Real-Time Gaming's iconic three-reel title, Seven and Stripes. So quaint, simple, and rewarding, Sevens and Stripes still pack a mighty and gleeful punch for a single-pay line game.

About Real-Time Gaming

Suppose you are a veteran of online casinos. We're probably speaking to the choir because you already know about the might and the power of the vaulted and creative gaming developer. With Real-Time Gaming, you get bonus-laden games and throwback slot titles like Sevens and Stripes.

Again, Sevens and Stripes is a single-pay line game, so you don't require pay line arrows. But following the mold of mainstay three-reel games by having all the game symbols and payouts displayed on the screen. And because Sevens and Stripes is a three-coin game, the amount of your wager influences how much you get paid.

Due to the simplicity of Sevens and Stripes, there is no autoplay mode. But that shouldn't be a problem spinning the reels yourself for the chance of winning the progressive jackpot. Speaking of the jackpot, Sevens and Stripes give you control of the coining process with a single, double, or max coin button system.

Breaking down Sevens and Stripes Paytable

With Sevens and Stripes, you can expect the iconic and multi-colored sevens to lead the way. For example, if you bet a maximum of three coins and you get three red sevens, Sevens and Stripes pay you 5,000 credits. But if you only wager two coins, you will receive a generous 2,398 coins.

The blue sevens display plenty of winning power. But, like the red sevens, how much you wager determines the amount you receive. And following the proud retro casino experience, Sevens and Stripes also have the white seven. A trio of the white sevens pays 200, 400, or 600 coins again on how much you wager.

You can mix and match the different colored sevens to score a victory. Sevens and Stripes keep the winning tradition alive with the single, double and triple bars. And like the sevens, you can also mix and match the various bars to score a winning combination.

Sevens and Stripes Bonus Round

Seven and Stripes save the fireworks for last with the explosive progressive jackpot. To unlock the progressive jackpot, you have to wager the max and get the red, white, and blue sevens to line up in that order!